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Your VIP jet experience begins well before take-off

Special aircraft for special passengers

As the world’s leader in the supply of luxury private jet rental, we know exactly what our high-profile clients expect.

VIP aircraft cover a wide range of models, but regardless of size, these business jets all have luxurious interiors designed to appeal to the most discriminating of corporate or VIP travellers.

Allied Private Jets team specializes in the planning and execution of charters that utilize these VIP aircraft, including the contracting of additional security if requested. Endurance for chartered VIP aircraft range anywhere from 3 hours all the way up to 15 hours, depending on the model of aircraft.

Our VIP Charters Cover:
  • A broad range of luxury jets to meet all sizes of party and levels of luxury
  • A choice of service level from business to ultra-luxury
  • All kinds of personal catering preferences including individual riders, personal chefs, special diets, brand preferences etc.
  • Every ground service option from red carpet high visibility arrivals to discrete private transfers
  • The provision of fully serviced aircraft for clients to fly themselves
  • Generally, carry from 20 to 70 passengers, depending on model.
  • Aircraft range varies greatly between 3 hours (smaller regional airliners) and 15 hours (Boeing Business Jet).
  • Typical speeds range from 450 mph to 550 mph.
  • All have lavish interiors with most having bedrooms, state rooms, and full bathrooms with stand-up showers.
  • Entirely customisable first-class service on board
  • Crews trained to the highest safety standards and familiar with attending high-level personalities
  • Wide range of cabin configurations, from Business Class seats to bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Absolute privacy and confidentiality
  • Flexibility for out-size baggage and special freight
  • Transcontinental range

We can advise you on the best aircraft for your specific requirements – whether you need complete luxury, bedroom and bathroom facilities, or a comfortable lounge for a shorter flight we will provide the right aircraft to suit you.

Allied Private Jets team has years of experience in planning VIP charters down to the very last detail, providing a smooth professional service, supported by our experienced team, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

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