Helicoper Charter

Flexibility of point- to - point travel

Enjoy fast and comfortable travel for business or personal trips, short breaks or attending special events with this VIP helicopter hire service.

Helicopters are excellent for short flights or flights to destinations with no airport nearby. Many of our customers also charter helicopters for transfers from airports to ski resorts, hotels, music or cultural events, and sports stadiums. They are a great way to arrive at busy venues and peak times, to avoid traffic jams on the ground.
Operating at lower altitudes than most fixed wing aircraft, helicopters can also be hired for short sightseeing flights over countryside or cities.

Typical Applications of our Professional Charter Services

                      Forestry Management                                                                          Aerial Photography
                      Airborne Geological Surveys or Regional Surveys                           Equipment Relocations
                      Forestry                                                                                                   Drilling Operations
                      Infrared Scanning                                                                                  Group Charters
                      Airborne Surveillance and Inspections                                              Wildlife Management
                      Tours and Sightseeing                                                                          Executive Transportation and Passenger Services

Helicopter Charter For Special Occasions 

Think about adding a helicopter charter to your proposal, wedding or other special event to highlight the grand occasion. Perhaps you want to treat your employees or clients to an unforgettable helicopter flight at your next corporate event? If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you may want to customize your very own heli-hiking, heli-biking, heli-skiing or heli-fishing adventure.
Whether you want a straight-forward helicopter shuttle to a particular destination, an elaborate helicopter excursion to a remote location or the ultimate entrance on your most special day, simply contact Valhalla Helicopters about your unique adventure and together we’ll make it happen.

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