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Group or Sport Jet Charter

A sport jet charter is the hiring of an aircraft for the purpose of transporting members of sports teams to their respective events. These aircraft are typically group charter flights that can accommodate entire teams. However, a sport jet charter can be made for individual athletes such as golfers and tennis players.

Professional sports are a highly competitive industry. Athletes will take any advantage they can to ensure they’re successful. If that means booking a private jet rental to ensure their travel plans are executed in a hassle-free manner, then so be it.

Advantages of Group or Sport Jet Charter

                              Fly on your schedul                                                  Travel in privacy

                              Access to a broad range of airports for added discretion

From small jets for athletes and teams, through to wide-body aircraft for groups of supporters and corporate guests, our specialists are on hand to ensure a tailored flight solution to meet your sports travel needs. We can plan multiple private flights between cities well in advance so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Whether your requirements are for European fixtures, pre-season tours, or global showcases, we understand the demands of the sporting calendar and provide a fully-managed charter service offering maximum convenience and flexibility.

We have a long track record of working with the sports industry and are the team to call for hassle-free flight solutions, anywhere in the world.

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