Commercial Jet

Fly how you want to fly.

A vast selection of airliners

Commercial aircraft are very suitable for large groups requiring the flexibility and convenience of an airline aircraft. Commercial aircraft carry more passengers and equipment than executive jet aircraft, but often cost less.

Allied group is an airline broker specializing in renting airliners for companies and tour operators. We rent these jumbo jets directly from airlines throughout the world.

Why rent an airliner?

                              For a specific need                                                                                           Special destination
                              Very large group                                                                                                Exclusivity for your group trip
                              Specific flight schedules, etc.                                                                         A private plane charter is often the best choice.

Who charters commercial planes?

                              Primarily companies and tour operators                                                      Organizing their business seminar or event
                              Promoting or launching their products                                                         Group travel for employees, clients or guests
                              Participating in trade shows                                                                           Organizing themed conventions
                              Visiting industrial sites                                                                                     Establishing a series of charter flights in Europe

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